made in vancouver awards 2022

MIVA entries are now open!

The deadline for entry forms is April 29, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.



What products does each category cover?

FOOD: Submit in our Sweet or Savoury sub-category and wow our judges. If you've got an amazing hot sauce, stellar olive oil, handcrafted sea salt, killer jerky or mind-blowing baked goods, this is the place for you. We're looking for prepared foods here (no raw fruits, nuts, etc, please!), spreadable or sprinkle-able. (Please note that we do have refrigeration and freezer availability, but if your product is perishable, it should be delivered on the judging date of May 13, 2022.)

DRINK: We have three sub-categories here: Beers, Spirits, and Zero-Proof (think shrubs or bitters, kombucha, artisanal sodas—anything alcohol-free that's sippable and locally produced). Unfortunately we aren't accepting wine this year...sorry! (Please note that we do have refrigeration and freezer availability, but if your product is perishable, it should be delivered on the judging date of May 13, 2022.)

STYLE: If you're crafting wearables, this is your category. Fashion for men, women, kids and everything in-between is welcome here, whether clothing, accessories or jewellery. Hats? Shoes? Belt buckles? Bolo ties? They all live here.

HOME: From tableware to pottery, from baskets to textiles, our home category is where we'll be be accepting all things decor, including lighting, woodcraft, rugs and more.  

BEAUTY: For our Beauty category, we're looking at locally made goods that beautify inside and out. Makeup, skincare, haircare and self-care products can all fall into this camp.

WILDCARD: Do you make something cool that doesn't fit into any other category? Submit it here! We wanna see what you do, even if it defies labels. 

Not sure where your product fits? Drop us a line at and we'll be happy to advise.

How many products can be submitted?

Entrants may submit as many products as they would like, however, every product submitted is considered a new entry even if they are variations of each other.

If I entered a product last year, may I submit it again?

Yes, unless that product was named one of our category winners last year. Runner-up products and finalist products can be submitted again.

Can products manufactured outside of Vancouver be submitted?

Products must be manufactured in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland (materials may be sourced from elsewhere).

How do I pay for my entry?

Entry fees are accepted via Visa, Mastercard or American Express below. Cash, cheque, PayPal and other methods of payment are not currently accepted.

Do I have to provide samples of products submitted for consideration?

Yes, for the FOOD or DRINK or BEAUTY categories, please provide a full-size, complimentary sample of each selected product with each submission. For 2022, other categories do NOT require a sample: products will be judged via photo and entry form. For important information on providing product samples, check out our Shipping Instructions.

Can I change my mind and get a refund after completing a submission?

Unfortunately, entry fees are non-refundable. Submissions can however be withdrawn by notifying judges at

What is the deadline for sending in my products/samples?

Samples should be sent or delivered to our office by May 13, 2022. For important information on providing product samples, check out our Shipping Instructions.

Will I be able to get my products back?

Because product samples will be consumed, we will not be able to return them. Fashion, wildcard and home categories do NOT require a product sample.  

Can I send different flavours/scents/colours for my product sample?

No, please just send one product as a sample. If you would like the judges to try multiple flavours or varieties, please pay and enter each variety separately.

Can a gift pack of multiple products be considered one entry?

No. Each product should be submitted separately. 

What if a product does not fit into one of the product categories? Can it still be submitted?

Absolutely, that's why we have the Wildcard category. As long as it's made in Vancouver, we want to see it!

If a selected product is best chilled, refrigerated or heated, can it still submitted for consideration?

This year (2022) we will be testing in a standard home kitchen with tools for chilling/freezing/warming products, but please note that judges cannot guarantee product storage during transport and shipping. If you have a product that needs special care, prep or storage needs, please contact us to ask if your submission will be able to be accommodated. For any products that have a sensitive shelf-life and should be consumed upon receipt, please deliver the morning of our food category judging. For important information on providing product samples, check out our Shipping Instructions.

Can an entire collection, a special limited edition item or a product not commercially available in Canada be submitted for consideration?

Because we want to share the benefits of selected products with our readers, only single items will be considered. In addition, only products that are currently available to Canadian consumers either in store or online can be submitted.

What will I need to submit once I enter?

Once you've submitted your entry fee, you'll receive an entry form that will request the following information. For consumable products (beauty, food, drink), we'll also need a sample of your product mailed or delivered to our office—instructions are available here.

  • Product name
  • Retail price
  • Product materials
  • Product description 
  • Stockists (if applicable)
  • Product description 
  • Materials
  • What makes your product special or unique?
  • What is this product’s social or ecological impact?
  • Has this product received any other awards or received other accolades/media attention?
  • Company or artisan philosophy
  • A maximum of five high-resolution product photos

What is the judging criteria?

How innovative is the product (fresh, forward-thinking design, unique niche in the field or market, solves problems creatively)? Points will also be awarded for sustainable design.

How successful is the execution of the work (selection, quality, combination of materials, unique techniques and processes, technical proficiency)?

The work will also be evaluated by its functional merits, and for its poetic value/design aesthetic.

When will winners be notified?

Our finalists will be announced in early June on, and winners will be announced in the July/August 2022 issue of Vancouver magazine. (Though please note that with the recent changes to business due to COVID, these dates may change.)